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You might find you’re sitting in lectures where the content isn’t making sense to you. You might also find yourself struggling with material that you didn’t study for the Leaving Cert or maybe you didn't do as well as you had hoped in your mid/end of semester exams. This is all very normal, but it is something that needs to be tackled head on, before it is left too late.

For specific subject support:

  • The Students Union office keep a list of grinds that are available to students in specific subjects.
  • The Academic Learning Centre (D259) run extra classes in traditionally challenging subjects on a weekly basis which are free to attend, and where you can receive 1:1 tutoring in particular subject areas.
  • Many departments also run extra tutorials in subjects to assist students with challenging material, and you will find more information on this from your course coordinator.

For Improved Study Techniques

  • Academic Success Coaching sessions can help you formulate study plans and create short-term goals to help keep you motivated throughout the semester.
  • The Access service at MTU engage with and offers specific support to mature students, students with disabilities,students from minority ethnic groups and students from linked schools.
  • The most important point to remember is that you should put a plan in place quickly if you find you are struggling with a particular module or set of modules.

Staff at MTU are here to help you so please remember to speak to someone so that any decision you make is an informed one.

  • Reaching 1st Year Students

    In the academic year 2017.2018, Academic Success Coaches interacted with over 1,200 students in their 1st 6 weeks of college.

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