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If you are unhappy with your course, there may be a more suitable alternative for you either at MTU or at another college that you may be able to transfer onto. There are consequences to whatever decision you make so we encourage you to consider all options before arriving at a decision.

Explore options that may help you stay here.

Consider how the course you're on is wrong for you. What would make it better? Is it the course content? The people? If you're struggling with understanding the content, resourcing yourself with extra grinds or sessions at the Academic Learning Centre might be just what you need to keep your studies on track. If you're finding it difficult to get to know people, it's really important you involve yourself in college activities (Clubs/Societies) where you can meet and get to know like-minded people.

Other supports include:

Don't leave your course without a Plan B.

Deciding to leave college can be a difficult decision but not having a plan of action after leaving can make the process even more stressful. Lots of students suffer a dip in confidence, often wondering what to do next. Make sure to book a 1-1 session at MTU's Career Service where you can look at your interests with a trained professional and receive advice on alternative trainings and employment options.

Timing Matters! Inform yourself of important deadlines.
  1. Be aware of the two week transfer window: If you were offered a place at MTU and think you would like to study on a different course at the Institute, in some instances, this can be facilitated. 

    Only CAO applicants who have accepted and registered for a place to the first year of a course for the current academic year are eligible to apply for transfer.

    Students must have attained the cut-off points and entry requirements for the course they wish to transfer to. There must be available places on the course.  Some courses have a restricted number of places and transfers will not be considered to these courses. Your Head of Department is the best person to consult with about this option. The deadline is Friday 28th September at 4pm.

  2. Inform yourself of important deadlines (Oct 31st & Feb 28th): Depending on your circumstances and when you decide to officially withdraw from college, there may be financial implications should you decide to return to full time education at a later stage.  You should contact the Fees & Grants Office in the Admin Building to understand what charges may apply to you in the future. 
Be aware of MTU's formal withdrawal process.
  • Students who wish to withdraw from their course must notify the Admissions Office  by completing the online withdrawal form.
  • Students who are deferring their course should complete the deferral form and submit it to the Admissions Office before October 31st in Semester 1. Only in exceptional circumstances will an application for a deferral be considered after this date.

Staff at MTU are here to help you so please remember to speak to someone so that any decision you make is an informed one.

  • Success Rates - ALC

    84% of students who seek academic support early & regularly at the Academic Learning centre will pass their modules first time!

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  • Testimonials

    Dr. Jim O Mahony

    Dr. Jim O Mahony

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences at MTU

    The initiatives and programmes which have been implemented by Student Engagement Office have made a veryreal and significant impact on our students in lots of ways. We are seeing better retention, improved academic performance and a more effective transition to third level for many students, who ordinarily would have limited support outside of college.

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