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AnSEO team members are involved in various working partnerships and international discussion lists;

Since 2012, MTU’s effort and investment of resources to enhance student engagement and communications  have gained attention from a variety of national and international expert sources including:

CIT announced as the host institute for European First Year Experience conference 2019

EFYE2019 will take place in CIT on June 17,18 and 19 June 2019. This will be the first time the EFYE conference comes to Ireland and our selection was based on a proposal made to the EFYE committee by AnSEO – The Student Engagement Office on behalf of CIT, following an invitation to bid by committee members on hearing about our student engagement work at last year’s conference in Birmingham City University.  

2017 winners of the National Student Engagement & Communcations Award at the Irish Education Awards.

2017 CIT selected to host the eighth PALS / PASS Leader conference in November 2017.

The Conference themes for 2017 will beThe Power of We; the power of collaborative learning in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition.


PEER Assisted Learning and Support (PALS) or Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an internationally practiced third level academic support model developed by Dr. Deanna Martin at the University of Missouri–Kansas City in 1973.

PALS /PASS Study Leaders are trained student volunteers who facilitate small group study sessions to support fellow students in finding solutions to their problems themselves, through facilitated discussion and guided questioning. PALS actively encourages learner autonomy, confidence and self-efficacy.

PALS brings together what to learn with how to learn, it builds confidence in students’ ability to learn and understand module content.

2017 AnSEO presents at International Colloquium on partnership.

The Student Engagement Office were proud to present their work in the area of student partnership at the recent International Colloquium on Partnership at Birmingham City Univerity.

Students and staff working in partnership has rapidly become a major feature of the HE landscape around the world and AnSEO were proud to discuss their work under the sparq at CIT programme, and in conjunction with CIT's Students Union, with peers from around the world.

CIT selected as one of 5 Institutes for participation in National Student Engagement Programme.

We look forward to a positive engagement with HEA, QQI and USI nationally on this project but, more importantly, to sustaining and developing effective partnership between staff and students across the full spectrum of Teaching & Learning and the wider Student Experience here in CIT.

Particular thanks to Marese Bermingham and her team and to Shane Falvey and CIT Students Union for their leadership and commitment to this project.

- Dr. Barry O'Connor, Registrar, CIT. 

CIT recognised as an exemplar by Tom Boland, CEO - Higher Education Authority, Ireland.

The student engagement initiatives at CIT have had a tangible impact. On any visit to the campus, you can see evidence of how students are meaningfully engaged in decisions affecting their learning. A number of the student retention and support initiatives that are now in place came
about directly because of suggestions made by students themselves. This is the type of meaningful student engagement that we would like to see on campuses across Ireland.

- Tom Boland, CEO Higher Education Authority.

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    Gerard O'Donovan

    Gerard O'Donovan

    Head of Faculty, Business & Humanities at MTU

    The MTU Student Engagement Office ensures that the student voice is heard in MTU, and through a partnership approach engages both staff and students working together in a respectful, valued and innovative environment that benefits the Institute.

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    AnSEO has a variety of programmes that supports both students and staff in MTU.

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    5-time winners (2017, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022) of the Irish Education Award for Student Engagement & Communication.

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