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During your first week at MTU the Good Start theme will be 'Finding Your Feet' to support you in to settling into life in college. This week the Student Engagement Associates will launch the Just Ask! campaign which will encourage new students to get to know what’s available to them as students of MTU. Througout the week all of the Student Engagement Associates will be on hand around the Cork campuses to offer advice, directions and to run some fun competitions (with prizes!) so be sure to say "Hi!".


The Student Engagement Associates put together some great advice on 'Finding Your Feet' personally, socially and academically during your first week in MTU below...

Finding Your Feet - Academically

Get to know the college by exploring the myCIT website to see what is available to you as a student of MTU, such as the library, Open Access, the Academic Learning Centre, Academic Success Coaching and your different class rooms, it never hurts to have a look around and explore.

Be prepared when attending your classes and labs, for example make sure you have your laptop charger nearby and a pen and a refill pad on hand to take notes.

Make sure you have a designated study and learning area at home and that it’s prepared for study, it could be a desk in your bedroom or a space in a quiet room, organise a space that works for you.

Make out a study plan! You need to make sure you allocate time for study throughout your week so you don’t fall  Be aware of distractions such as mobile, internet, social media, and even other people.

Finding Your Feet - Personally

What to Expect will help you understand the differences between second level and third level and what to expect now you are here

If you are on campus, ensure you have your MTU Smartcard on you at all times, you will need it for getting into the library, the gym, exams, the doctor, using the printers and for the reprographics centre

Become familiar with the various supports available to you at MTU such as the Students Union, Access Service, Counselling Services, Academic Success Coaching and much more…  find out what each can support can do to make college life easier for you!

Take advantage of any Student Discounts available on the services you use on a regular basis. For example, if you use the bus everyday get a Student Leap Card. The average student will save around 30% of their money compared to cash only when using a Leap Card. Find out what discounts you can avail of to help you day by day.

Finding Your Feet - Socially

Get to know your new classmates by participating in class discussions and trying to speak to someone new everyday. After all, you will be spending the next few years with them, it can never hurt to know the people around you a little better.

Sign up to some societies and clubs online and introduce yourself the students representing the societies and clubs that you have joined.

Check out the events and competitions that will be running during the four weeks of MTU Good Start, this can help you network with the people who you share your campus with.  Plus it's all a bit of fun when you are in with a a chance of winning prizes and Good Start goodies!

Let's get social