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Skills at ALC equips learners with the learning skills and know-how they need to succeed at MTU. The programme provides resources which support students in plotting their course through university and onward to postgraduate studies and employment. One-to-one writing and assessment support is also available free of charge to all MTU students on Cork campuses through Skills at ALC.


Skills at ALC resources and workshops cover a broad range of skills including but not limited to effective presentations, groupwork, academic and technical writing, research skills, time and study management and assessment preparation. Since each discipline demands a specific combination of skills, Skills at ALC regularly works directly and collaboratively with academic staff to design interventions that meet each group’s particular needs.


We recognise that the path through university study is an opportunity for students to develop crucial transferable skills and so all of our resources and workshops are designed to be appropriate to your students’ interests and stage. By doing this, we ensure that students’ university learning competences match their current learning objectives and priorities.


Below, you can see an indicative ‘menu’ of learning development interventions that we have already developed and delivered. We are always expanding our range of resources, however, and, we are very happy to take requests for bespoke materials, workshops and visits. To arrange a visit or to discuss the development of new learning development resources, please contact Dr Marian Hurley at Marian.Hurley@mtu.ie.

Our writing workshops

To date, we have delivered writing workshops in the following areas. We are happy to develop specific, discipline-relevant in collaboration with lecturers. To arrange a workshop or the design of some learning resources, contact Marian.Hurley@mtu.ie.


Writing Fundamentals:

  • Writing fundamentals: the sentence
  • Writing fundamentals: the paragraph
  • Writing fundamentals: assignment structure
  • Writing fundamentals: clarity and argument
  • Writing fundamentals: brainstorm, plan, draft, proof, edit
  • Writing fundamentals: report-writing
  • Writing fundamentals: introduction to reflective writing

Writing in the technical and scientific disciplines:

  • Fundamentals of writing in the technical and scientific disciplines
  • Technical and Scientific Writing: Style, tone, layout
  • Technical and Scientific Writing: Structure and coherence
  • Technical and Scientific Writing: Making the most of graphs and figures

Academic writing skills for university:

  • Write with style (style and tone for academic writing)
  • Write with clarity (structure, coherence and cohesion)
  • Write with confidence (referencing essentials)
  • Write now (proofreading, editing, preparing for submission)

Presentation skills

We offer in-lecture workshops as well as workshop series open to all students throughout the academic year. Lecturers are welcome to contact us to arrange a presentation-themed workshop or to signpost students to our regular workshops. Below are the themes of some of our core presentation resources:

  • Presentation essentials
  • Effective group presentations
  • Dealing with nervousness
  • Effective visual aids
  • Dealing with Q&A

Skills for study and academic success

We offer a range of resources and interventions which support students toward achieving their academic aims. Below is an indicative list of themes on which we have worked, but we are very happy to work with you to co-design additional generic or discipline-relevant materials.

  • Off to a strong start (early semester workshop)
  • Step up to university
  • Study planning and management
  • Assessment management: time and tasks
  • Managing deadlines
  • Preparing for semester-end
  • Building your exam strategy
  • Effective groupwork
  • Note-taking fundamentals
  • Note-taking for success


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