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You won't know if your choice of course was right until you're there. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and the reality falls short of your expectations. This isn't an easy position to be in - but don't worry, you're not the only one.

You might...

  • Be disinterested or dislike your course
  • Feel unable to meet the standard of the course
  • Feel as though you're not putting in enough effort into your coursework
  • Feel unhappy about living away from home
  • Feel disconnected from your classmates/feel lonely in college
  • Have financial challenges
  • Have personal/medical challenges.

The most important thing you need to do is to identify the problem, acknowledge the warning signs and don't push it aside.

If you are considering transferring to another course or dropping out, we advise you to

  • Identify what exactly you're struggling with: can you address it before considering leaving?
  • Talk to someone who can give you the advice and support you need. Talking through your options may help you realise that you're not on your own, and may present you with options you haven't considered.
  • Be honest  with yourself - there's nothing to be ashamed of. College is a new and challenging experience. The first few weeks are a steep learning curve so don't be hard on yourself for not automatically enjoying it.
  • Check your logic: would dropping out of your course solve your issues? Are you making use of all the college supports available to you? Are you giving your course your best shot? 

It's really important you don't make any hasty decisions or take actions that you might later regret so please do think through your options carefully and thoroughly and talk to the right people!


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    "Having met with an Academic Success Coach, I was much more organised with my day to day tasks. I learned how to create and achieve long and short term goals. Overall I believe this service is a big part of my success here at MTU". -Student

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