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EDGE is a new graduate development framework for MTU students. EDGE will seek to enhance student engagement, to strengthen industry relations and to further enrich students' immersion in society, for the benefit of the entire MTU community.

Supported by the HEA Systems Performance Funding 2019

Who is EDGE for?

EDGE is for all under-graduates currently registered at MTU across all campuses.

What are the themes for EDGE?

  • Engage with your world.  Connect and contribute to your university and our global communities.  Become an effective citizen and a life-long learner.
  • Design for your future.  Plan ahead to be ready for next steps beyond your degree.  Learn and evidence personal and professional skills to help you move forward
  • Generate an innovative mindset.  Recognise opportunity and take initiative.  Learn to communicate effectively and be entrepreneurial in your thinking.  Stay focused and adapt to change as it happens.
  • Explore your creativity and curiosity.  Be a positive change-maker.  Develop confidence to research and find solutions from diverse inspiration.

How will MTU students benefit from EDGE?

EDGE is an opportunity for MTU students to get recognition for the life lessons learnt along the way to earning a degree. As students engage in new activities, or activities they are already doing, completing the award will help students to step outside of their comfort zone and enhance their personal attributes; as well as the ability to articulate these skills. This, in turn, enhances graduate employability and success in life after college, giving you the EDGE!

How will our EDGE award programme work?

Recognition of engagement, achievement and development comes in the form of Bronze, Silver and Gold standard awards:




Bronze: Discover and explore your MTU

Completion of the Bronze award will ensure students engage with their university whilst thinking about core competencies needed for success in their course and independent living.


Silver: Develop your skills and experiences

Completion of the silver award will allow students to step out of their comfort zones and take activities they might not otherwise have taken as they develop their confidence and skills and reflect on their learning.


Gold: Challenge and Prepare

Completion of the Gold award will allow students to challenge themselves further, reflect on their experiences, articulate their skills and contributions to university and society as they transition out of their studies and prepare to launch their careers.

What activities can I do for my award?

A range of activities completed both on- and off-campus can go towards your award.These include career-building activities, volunteering, enterprise competitions, out-reach to the community, enhancing your competencies through online learning, part-time work or the arts. Activities will be listed on the EDGE webpage.

What work is ongoing to develop EDGE at MTU?

The student engagement office, AnSEO, is continuing to engage with students and colleagues of MTU, as well as national and international partners, to develop the EDGE Graduate Awards Framework. If you would like to know more or you have an activity, project or competition currently running in your department that could be included in EDGE, we would love to hear from you.

Who should I contact if I want more information about EDGE?

For further information please contact: -

AnSEO - The Student Engagement Office

MTU, Bishopstown Campus


Email: edge@mtu.ie

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