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Combined Funding Call 2024/25 – Transitions at MTU

Transitions at MTU (formerly Transitions to CIT) is a funding stream available from AnSEO - The Student Engagement Office which can be accessed each year as one of three funding streams through the Teaching & Learning Unit (TLU) and AnSEO's Combined Funding Call.

Information session

Date: 10th May 2024

The following information session was recorded to provide more information about the funding process itself, describe what supports are available and provide participants with an opportunity to hear from previous recipients in terms of what they achieved and how they felt about the experience and the impact these projects have on staff and students.


When it comes to student engagement, student retention and ultimately student success, we in AnSEO- The Student Engagement Office understand and have seen the long-standing impact of the welcome extended to students at MTU and its’ impact on retention - partly in thanks to the establishment of the AnSEO Transitions programme and the collaborative efforts with MTU staff. In essence, the Transitions programme provides funding opportunities for staff for projects that recognise three key transition points in the student cycle –‘into’, ‘through’ and ‘out’ of university.

The Transitions at MTU fund has been available on MTU Cork campuses since 2013/14 and in that time we have funded in excess of 280 projects that focus on enhancing transitions to MTU Cork campuses for all students.

Examples of 2023/24 Projects

In the 2023-24 academic year, the Transitions programme funded over 46 projects, impacting 2000 students across MTU.

We witnessed wonderful team building opportunities both on campus and off campus, staff/student meet and greet opportunities and 1st year/4th year meet and greets such as the following:

  • Department of Physical Sciences – 1st year/4th year Get-Connected session

  • Tourism & Hospitality, Home Economics and Business Studies Year 2 - New Beginnings

  • Cork School of Music, BA Theatre and Drama - Week 1 Trip to @abbeytheatredublin for DruidO’Casey @druidtheatre for a marathon of theatre.


Students have told us that these events are hugely beneficial for creating belonging and preparation for what to expect on their course

“It was an ideal way for the first years to get to know the older students, whilst also gaining valuable insights into the course and university life. The morning was beyond helpful in creating a supportive environment…” (1st year student at 1st year/4th year meet and greet)

“It was even good for our group, because we are split into groups for a lot of our classes but since then we have all just talked and been friends.”

“We got to meet new people. You can say hello to people in the corridor that you didn’t know before.”

Staff have also told us of the impact of these events

“The feedback over the last 6 years has been very positive and it has become an important date in the students calendar.” Staff member who organised a 1st year/4th year meet and greet

“Glad to see that though they did not know each other from the very beginning, through those exercises the students found shared interests... The invisible “wall” blocking their communication was shattered.” Staff member who arranged a team building activity for 2nd year students


What are the objectives of the fund?

While most projects address particular concerns of individual departments with regard to enhancing the new first year transition, projects with a focus on other key student transition points are welcomed. These might include students transitioning:

  • Into second, third or final year of their studies
  • From undergraduate to postgraduate study
  • From full time study to periods of work placement
  • From periods of work placement back to full time study
  • From employment into full-time or part-time study. 

Who should apply?

Any individual staff member or team (academic, technical, administrative) who would like to develop an idea or project related to the transitions experienced during the student life cycle.

What types of project are suitable?

Some examples of types of suitable projects include;

  • Development of School/department specific Student Guides to Success: webpages, hardcopy, usb keys etc.
  • Staff / student relationship building events.
  • Social induction/ icebreaking activities/ meet and greet events with first year academic staff and later year students.
  • Academic Induction seminars.
  • Role model seminars.
  • A Faculty/ school based social media welcome campaign.
  • First year notice boards and first year team profiles.
  • Competitions and prizes.
  • Collaborative events with Good Start team.

Is there anyone I can talk to about applying for this funding?

If you have any queries or would like to discuss a potential application prior to submitting, then you can contact:


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