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Get Connected - icebreaker sessions - Book Now

As part of the Good Start Student Induction Programme, we offer a range of activities including our Get Connected icebreaker events.

What are Get Connected Events?

Get Connected events are facilitated by Student Engagement Associates and can be run to help students connect with their peers in the first couple of weeks.

What is the Aim of A Get Connected EVent?

The main aim of a Get Connected event is to create opportunity for social connection with peers and course lecturers.

What happens at a Get Connected Event?

Student Engagement Associates will carry out fun group activities with prizes, preceded by some advice, tips and tricks for getting off to a Good Start at MTU. This event nurtures supportive peer relations, helps to foster meaningful interactions between academic staff and students and engender a sense of belonging in their department.

What are The key messages our students need to hear?

During our Get Connected sessions we will be delivering some key messages to year groups, which are available for download so that you too can help. These key messages are aimed at helping students maximise their time in MTU.

How do I book a Get Connected Event for my students?

Simply, fill in our online booking form and we will be in touch!

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