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When you decide to come to college to get a degree, there are two essential, core activities that you have to commit to in order to ensure success

  • Attend all classes and labs.
  • Allocate dedicated time to study, revision and self-directed learning.

Effective study habits and learning techniques can be picked up and used by everyone. All it takes is commitment, a desire to succeed and willingness to persevere and practice new study habits.

The first six weeks are very important. In fact many experts state that, we can develop new habits easily by daily practice for 21 days.

Each individual has their own unique learning style and combination of multiple intelligences. There are many different techniques, methods and tools that we can use to help us learn, understand and remember.


  • Know what you're good at and what you need to get skilled in.
  • Set small achievable goals and gain a positive experience of successful focused study.
  • Plan to study in short intensive bursts of 20 – 30 minutes at a time, you can lengthen this to 40 minute sessions if your concentration levels are good. Here's a study plan template to help you plan your time. 
  • Select a topic to study , don’t overestimate the amount that you can learn and absorb in one study sessions.
  • Get organised and prepared for study. Check that you have all the resources you need : Notes, textbooks, access to the library, access to computer/internet/ online resources and quiet study area without distraction.
  • Assess and identify what you already know (Brainstorm).
  • Set and Define a specific learning goal (set 3 goal questions, that to want to have answers to).
  • Make study as active as possible, Be engaged and Involved, Sitting in front of notes or textbooks and solely reading through is the least effective method.
  • Use Memorising Tools such as Mnemonics Techniques  that help in recalling larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, phases, etc.


  • Reaching 1st Year Students

    In the academic year 2017.2018, Academic Success Coaches interacted with over 1,200 students in their 1st 6 weeks of college.

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