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The focus of Good Start during your third week will be on 'Getting Down to Work', showing students how to take their studies seriously, be responsible for their own learning and succeed while studying at third level.

The main aim of going to college is to come out the other side with a degree so this week Good Start will collaborate with Academic Success Coaching, MTU Library, ALC and Student Services to offer study tips, learning tips, advice from successful students and exam tips (with competitions and activities supporting the use of supports available to students). This week also looked at how to be more independent and responsible for your own learning.

The Good Start Ambassadors put together some great advice on 'Getting Down To Work' personally, socially and academically during your first week in MTU below...

Getting Down To Work - Academically

Now that you are in third-level education, it’s your responsibility to use the resources available to you, for example the MTU Library has tips on the referencing system and study guides that might be relevant to you during your studies. 


MTU Subjects Guides provide a quick route to subject specific information, easy to access Library Resources, eResources, Past Exam Papers & much more. By familiarising yourself with these Subject Guides you will use your time more efficiently, more effectively and learn to best use the resources available to you.



Practicing good work ethic is something you may have to teach yourself again after a long summer. Your class lecturers will be giving you advice on how to organise yourself and your time effectively. Your lecturers have been through this process with new students many times before trust them and take on the guidance.


You may falter at times throughout the year and you may lose focus but it’s never too late to get into a good study routine, the Academic Success Coaches have some great resources to help you get on track and be as successful as you can be

“Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday”

When you feel you are struggling reach out and ask for help from the resources available to you in the college. Try talking to your lecturers, chatting to an Academic Success coach, visiting the ALC or the Careers service. The help that is given will be of great use to you throughout your college experience.

Getting Down To Work - Personally

Attend all your classes and labs, it’s important to attend your classes as some lecturers provide extra useful notes that will be valuable when it comes to assessment time.

Actively participate in class, this way you can learn more and ask questions about topics that you may not understand very well.

Getting Down To Work - Socially

Everyone in your class will have had different experiences before they came to MTU. Learn from your peers! Ideas from international students’ and mature students’ past experiences may influence how you approach your work.

Some societies and clubs you join will give you an opportunity to get to know people in different years who may be studying the same (or different) course as you. Ask for advice or tips, they might have some valuable nuggets of information.

It’s never too early to start a study group, suggest the idea to your classmates. There are designated Study Hubs in the library which might be useful when looking for a place to hold your group study session.


Let's get social