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What is PALS

PALS (Peer Assisted Learning & Support) is a project of the Student Engagement Office that encourages senior students to engage with and support new first year students in their transition to third level.

It offers:

  • Peer to peer student support.
  • Assisted academic support through student facilitated study sessions.
  • Learning through engagement both socially and academically within third level.
  • Support from students and staff on a common academic journey towards a shared goal.

PALS is all about students supporting other students. Sometimes the best people to give first year students advice and tips about how to get the most of the CIT experience, are other more experienced students who have been exactly where they are.

Benefits of Attending PALS:

  • Provides support and guidance for first year students
  • Increased academic and social confidence
  • Improved communication, teamwork, collaborative problem solving, and interpersonal skills

There are two different types of PALS leaders in CIT PALS Buddies (formerly known as PALS Peer Mentors) and PALS Study leaders; all of whom are 2nd and 3rd year volunteer students, understand the expectations and requirements of being a college student and want to support new first year students.

Each PALS Leader has their own unique experience to share and many have overcome challenges of their own and want to share their journeys with first year students starting out, to ensure that they have the very best experience that CIT has to offer.

Research has shown that PALS Study Sessions and the PALS Buddy model can improve student’s satisfaction with their area of study as well as improving their assessment outcomes.


  • Reaching 1st Year Students

    In the academic year 2017.2018, Academic Success Coaches interacted with over 1,200 students in their 1st 6 weeks of college.

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