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What is Reach?

The Reach Programme launched in October 2020 has grown to support 3500 students with 80 academic mentors across campuses in Cork and Kerry.  MTU will continue the award-winning programme through to June 2022.  The Reach Initiative connects first and second year students with an Academic Mentor (a selected member of teaching staff) who will proactively connect with their allocated group of students to reassure, support and mentor, throughout the coming academic year.

Student feedback and research tell us that students value relationship with their lecturers and class groups /peers over and above anything else. This is one of our main challenges in the current context. As we continue to experience the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Reach Programme will continue to specifically add an additional layer of academic support and development for our students in what, we expect, will be a very challenging time for new and returning 2nd year students in particular. This initiative is a very practical and concrete MTU response to current challenges.  


What can Reach do for me as a student?

There are many benefits from engaging with Academic Mentoring, including: getting some reassurance, study skills support, developing strategies to deal with academic challenges and engage with remote learning to help maintain motivation and enhance academic performance.  Academic Mentors can also help their mentees identify and connect with other MTU services.


Why has Reach been created? 

We understand that the change and uncertainty as a result of COVID 19 has brought new challenges this year. We want to provide an additional layer of support by giving each First- and Second-Year student an Academic Mentor.


Who is my Academic Mentor?

If your department is implementing the Reach Programme, then your Academic Mentor will be a member of the lecturing staff. Your Academic Mentor will contact you in the first week of the semester, introducing themselves and inviting you to get in touch and connect with the Reach Programme. It is important that you respond to this invitation and let them know how you are doing.


How will Reach work? 

Each Academic Mentor will adopt their own approach which will include communication by email, use of the online learning systems including Canvas and Blackboard, Online and face to face meetings as they consider appropriate and in line with government regulations.



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