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There are many ways to prepare for Semester 2, below are a few ways to ensure a smooth transition from Semester 1 to Semester 2:

Get Planning

Read the module descriptor of the modules that you are studying in Semester 2. Be aware of what is involved i.e. continuous assessment, project, end of year exam and any deadlines associated with the module.  If there are free choice electives in your course carefully choose your electives to tailor what you want from your course, do some research, talk to lecturers, talk to other students, in higher years, or research online.  Also make sure you also register for all of your electives before the registration .

Information about your modules can be found through: https://courses.cit.ie/

Organise Yourself

Make sure you have all supplies that you’ll need for Semester 2, think about pens, notebooks, sticky notes… that kind of thing. Set up notebooks, folders and binders for each individual module before the start of the semester. Organise your desk or study space so that you can get stuck in straight away once the semester begins.

Regularly check your MTU email and your new timetable (as it can change hourly during those first few days). For the first day print off or take a screenshot of your new timetable so you’ll know where you are supposed to be. 

Don’t miss the first day! The first day is very important because it’s during the first day that lecturers outline what is involved in each module you will study this semester.

Extracurricular Activities

When returning to Semester 2 continue to participate in the club or society that you joined in Semester 1. As in Semester 1 aim to find a balance early between social activities and college work. If you haven’t joined a club or society yet, Semester 2 provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in something fun and meet new people, it is never too late to sign up.

A full list of the sports clubs and societies offered by MTU are available by clicking the links below

Sports Clubs: http://www.cit.ie/studentlife/sportsandclubs/

Societies: http://societies.cit.ie/


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