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  1. Attend every class: It’s far easier to revise and study material you have been introduced to and explored in class than it is to learn it at home from scratch.
  2. Give it your best shot: All anyone can do is their best. Give this semester your all and get the best possible results you can. Set yourself ambitious but realistic targets.
  3. Prioritise college: Make college a priority this semester. If you fell behind with college last semester don’t panic, Semester 2 can be a new start! Learn from your previous mistakes and try to avoid them this semester. Make an academic plan for the week, and centre it around any upcoming assignments.
  4. Prepare for assessments, tests, exams: Avoid last minute cramming for exams or continuous assessments. Give yourself a minimum of two weeks to prepare and use your study timetable to break work down so that you are well prepared.
  5. Stay organised: Organisation is the key to success. If you’ve set yourself a timetable, try to stick to it. If you happen to miss a class, catch up as soon as possible. Keeping organised and on top of things really helps, is smart and reduces stress.
  6. Library and study timetable: The libraries across our campuses are quiet places to study. If you want to maximise your marks use the books and online resources available through the library. Ask for help from the library team.
  7. Academic Learning Centre: The ALC offers extra classes, free of charge, on a drop in basis in a range of subjects eg Maths, Mechanics, Chemistry, Accounting, Physics, Programming. Check out the classes they have on offer and pop by to whichever ones you need. 
  8. Tutorials: Tutorials are also key to bettering your grade. Smaller groups allow you to participate more and allow students to get more help with aspects of a topic they find difficult. Furthermore, they help in terms of structuring exam answers so that you can better show your knowledge of topics.


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