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By: Ava, Good Start Ambassador and Fine Art Student | Posted on: 02 Oct 2020

Finding Your Feet #GoodStart2020

Finding your feet week marks week 1 for you! Your journey is set to begin and the Good Start team will be right beside you throughout! Day 1 and week 1 will always be scary. But the good news is is that it only gets better from here! My first few days were the embodiment of stress; simply because I made it that way. Example A: in the hope of hiding my forever blushing face I wore a hat for the whole first week of college! You may think it strange but the thought of my face matching my (then purple) hair was not the look I was going for! However, I will have you know that a certain someone complimented my hat and in turn my hair and boom... We've been best friends for the past 3 years!

Tip 1:

A good friend will always ground you during tough times so make sure you try to get to know your year group! We know that this year will be different and socializing may happen through a screen before face to face but hey, look on the bright side, at least you don't have to wear a mask on Zoom! There will be a range of online icebreakers, events and competitions organised by the Good Start Team so watch your emails and the team’s social media to get involved! 

Tip 2:

Attendance is always key to a Good Start. Attending your lectures lets you stay on top of your work, get to know your lecturers and your future friends! I'll let you in on a little secret...this is all new to them too. For this college year never feel like you are alone because the whole of CIT is in this together, and we will get there together! 

Tip 3:

100% start yourself off in the right way by making yourself a schedule. Jot down your lecture times, study times and even lunch breaks! (Hangry students are never pleasant). A good routine will stand by you in the weeks to come, so maybe get up those 10 minutes earlier to find that calculator or brush down that bedhead! Less stress = more success. 

This college year we embrace the new normal. Although new, college is still college. It's exciting and interesting and a chance for a totally fresh start for you. Your slate is wiped clean and you are now free to decorate it anyway you like! The Good Start Team are here to help you do that.

Find us on Instagram @citgoodstart and Facebook @citgoodstart.

Sometimes you need to look down to find your feet but make sure to look back up, you never know what you might find. The secret is there is no secret. Just keep putting one-foot in front of the other. 

Good luck from all the Good Start Team!

Ava, Good Start Ambassador and Fine Art Student

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