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Studying for autumn repeats during the summer can feel like an even bigger challenge than preparing for your end of semester exams. No doubt, you were looking forward to a long summer break and now feel this has interrupted your plans. You probably feel envious of the free time your friends may have.

It’s quite likely you may be grappling with different feelings such as: disappointment, regret, self-doubt and worry,   Remember, failing exams, while a bitter disappointment, is a temporary situation that you CAN TURN AROUND.

It is very important at this time to be mindful of staying positive.

Positive Affirmations you can use:

  • I’ve succeeded in exams in the past.
  • I am doing the preparation work now.
  • I’m not alone in finding exams stressful.
  • There are people I can turn to for advice and support.
  • Being a little anxious is helping me to stay alert and get on with my revision.
  • I can handle it.

Challenge your self-talk, listen to what you’re saying to yourself:

  • Is your self-talk mostly positive or mostly negative?
  • What would you  say to friend if they were in a similar situation?
  • When you notice negative self-talk, reverse it state the opposite (even if you don’t fully believe it).
  • Remind yourself of your goals and state them aloud.

Take some time each day to listen to, and even write down what your thoughts, feelings and concerns  are.  Research has shown that this is a benefit, then get on with the important business of studying.

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