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"You cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself.” Peter Drucker

Time management is really life management, management of yourself, rather than of time or circumstances. How you choose to manage your time depends almost entirely on YOU;

  • Your interests and motivation.
  • Your goals; the things that you decide you want to achieve.

Managing your time effectively is the ability to choose and select what and when you are going to do something: you can choose what to do first, what to do second, and what not to do at all. Time management is 99% self-discipline. 

The essence of time management is to set clear goals and priorities, and then to stick to those priorities. Have you used this Goal Setting Template?
Check out this short video below on learning how to actively manage your time.

The Urgent/Important Time Management worksheet is an easy and helpful tool you can use.

  • Urgent & Important: Things due in next couple of days, reports, essays, anything that has an upcoming deadline.
  • Not urgent but important: Studying in advance, getting ahead, background research for projects. 
  • Not important but urgent: Interruptions, distractions, time sensitive invitations
  • Not urgent & not important: Procrastination activities, Facebook, Instagram, endless internet browsing.



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