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PALS Study is an informal structured study session led by a PALS Study Leader trained in the theory and facilitation of your learning. A PALS session enables students to review, practice and share their understanding of course material in a collaborative group setting. 

What happens in a typical PALS Study Session?

  • Two PALS Study leaders will facilitate discussions and questions around challenging module topics with first year students who attend the study session.
  • The PALS Study Leaders will use many different learning tools and techniques to help facilitate first year students’ own understanding and learning of content discussed during the session.
  •  PALS Study Leaders are supportive and open to encouraging first year student’s participation in sessions and help give students confidence to ask questions at  sessions and in lectures.
  • Study session content is decided by students who are asked which specifics they’d like to cover. PALS Study Leaders may suggest topics of discussion that caused problems last year.
  • PALS Study Leaders may signpost first year students to relevant learning resources which will help encourage learning and understanding.

Benefits of PALS Study:

  • Enhances first year students' experience of college life.
  • Offers first year students place and time to practise a subject, learn from mistakes and build confidence.
  • Creates a safe environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and receive guidance from other students about the course and its content.
  • Helps first year students gain insight into course requirements and lecturers' expectations.
  • Helps first year students develop positive attitudes towards learning, keep up with their studies and complete their course.
  • Benefits all levels of students regardless of their current academic ability and provides an opportunityto improve academic performance.

PALS Study Leaders are 2nd and 3rd year volunteer students, who have been trained to facilitate study sessions for first year students. Check out the full PALS Study Leader role description here.



  • Reaching 1st Year Students

    In the academic year 2017.2018, Academic Success Coaches interacted with over 1,200 students in their 1st 6 weeks of college.

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