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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that were asked at the Just Ask! desk last year.

If your question isn't answered in this list call to a Just Ask! desk and chat to one of our Good Start Ambassadors.

Q: Where is my classroom?

A: To find which classroom you are in look up your timetable (which if you don't have a copy can be accessed on timetables.cit.ie), your classroom will begin with a letter followed by some numbers (ie. B228). The letter represents the block, the first digit tells you which floor it is on and the second and third digits tell you which room it is. (ie. B228, is in the B block, on the second floor, in room 28). Above the main doors you can tell which rooms are in that hallway, so look up to find your way.

Q: Where is the Reprographics Office, I need to collect my student ID? 

A: The Reprographics and Card Services office is located on the Ground floor of the the Nexus, Student Centre. It is outside the Student Centre entrance near the main circle.

Q: Where is the Erasmus Office? 

A: The Erasmus Office is located on the Ground Floor of the Adminstration Building, which is located off the main circle.

Q. Where is the Bathroom? 

A: This depends on where you ask the question. There are many bathrooms in MTU, any Good Start Ambassadors, older students, caretakers or lecturers will be happy to point them out to you. Just ask and people will help you.

Q: Where is my department secretary's office? 

A: Usually your lecturer will be able to point this out for you but if you missed it call to the Just Ask! desks, the Info Desk or the Caretakers to find out where your department secretary is.

Q: Where are the Fresher's Week events on? 

A: Day time events are usually held in the Nexus Student Centre but check out the latest issue of ExpliCIT for the full line up of daytime and nighttime events.

Q: Where are the Breakfast Mornings on? 

A: The breakfast mornings are held in the West Atrium, which is opposite the main canteen area. Check out the Good Start Events guide to find out when the Good Start breakfast mornings are happening.

Q: How do I register for my modules? 

A: IT services have created a step by step guideline system for registering/enrolling for modules/electives log onto howtoenrol for more details.

Q: How do I print? 

A: IT services have created a step by step guide on how to print in MTU log onto http://its.cit.ie/printing for more details. Please ensure you have money on your MTU Smartcard or you won't be able to print.

Q How do I top up my MTU Smartcard? 

A: To top up your MTU Smartcard simply visit any of the shops on campus with your cash/debit cardand ask them to top up your smartcard. You can also top up your smartcard online by visiting citcard.cit.ie/balance


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