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Knowing what you really need to bring to college can be quite stressful for both new and returning students. However, there are staples that are recommended to help you maybe de-stress, keep organised, stay focused, and possibly make you look forward to the semester to come! 

The must-haves are obviously refill pads, notebooks, folders, pens & water bottles, to name but a few.

In the below lists we're going to try help you save money by outlining what is specifically recommended for your course so you avoid what you don't need! Let’s start ticking boxes shall we?

The Good Start Team, as well as students from different courses and departments in MTU have collaborated and put together a number of college supply lists so that every student may have a general feel for what would be required for their course. Each list provides a number of recommendations as well as where to buy/install them: online, on-campus or off-campus. These recommendations are made from our own college experiences and learning curves. These lists will support courses from Science to Business, Music to Art and so much more!

Also, please note that we do not advise the borrowing or sharing of items mentioned in these lists during this pandemic (for health and safety reasons!) 

The items/software in these lists are for recommendation purposes only, not 100% essential. Please do not be worried or stressed if you do not have them before or during college time.

(Did you know that the Government has allocated over €500,000 to MTU as part of a laptop scheme to assist in remote learning?❗ Find out if you qualify to apply for this scheme, which is run through CIT’s Student Assistance Fund, at www.mycit.ie/saf) 

We hope that these lists will help you get ready and organised for the new semester ahead. We are all in this together. 


For Engineering

For Architecture/ Interior Architecture/ Architectural Technology

For Science Courses


For Business

For Media Communications Courses

For Fine Art

For Photography with New Media

For Tourism

For Marine Engineering/Electrotechnology

For Music

For Musical Theatre


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