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Why did I fail?

A good place to begin is to review what happened.  We learn best from experience, particularly challenging experiences. An essential part of this review process is to have a frank and honest think about the factors that affected your performance in your summer exams.

This is an opportunity to let go of habits that are holding you back from being successful in college.

Think about the following reasons in relation to your failed modules.

  • I didn’t stay on track with this module and didn’t get a solid foundation in understanding the module content.
  • I didn’t do enough revision for the exam.
  • Despite working on this module, I found it difficult to understand and put into practice.
  • I had low attendance at classes and labs and haven’t been very focused on my studies.
  • I didn’t complete my continuous assessment work or failed some of my assignments.
  • Procrastination; I kept putting things off to the last minute so my work did not reach the standard I am capable of.
  • I may have misunderstood or misread questions in the exam.

repeating - Find your motivation, find your why!

Complete the 5 Ws exercise. Read these aloud every day to make them stick.

Now what?

Now: You can get back on track!

Set Goals : Research shows that it is beneficial to set goals.  

  • Goals help us stay focused, motivated and on track with what we want to achieve.
  • Goals give us structure, they guide and influence the decisions we make about how to make best use of our time.
  • Goals are an exact science. They must be specific, exact, clear and measurable.

List three actions you need to do to prepare for your repeats to get the best possible outcome? 

looking forward to Next Semester

Identify what you've learned and the things you need to change when you resume your studies in September.

  • What have you learned from this experience?
  • Next semester - what will you need to change?
  • Who can help you stay on track?


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    "Having met with an Academic Success Coach, I was much more organised with my day to day tasks. I learned how to create and achieve long and short term goals. Overall I believe this service is a big part of my success here at MTU". -Student

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