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On: 12 Nov 2020

Get Maths Fit: Algebra - Rearranging Equations 1

Struggle with algebra? Need some help when rearranging equations? Join us on Thursday at 10am for this week’s Get Maths Fit workshop on Algebra - Rearranging equations. It will be paced at your pace. We aim for it to be fun! It is open to all students in CIT but places are limited. Book now on Canvas by going to the Maths Online module or email Academiclearning@cit.ie



  • Celebrations for AnSEO

    5-time winners (2017, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022) of the Irish Education Award for Student Engagement & Communication.

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Tips and Tricks for Succeeding at Third Level – A Good Start is Half the Work…

October, 23 2:14 PM

Ellie, Good Start Ambassador and Theatre & Drama Student

Striking a balance #GoodStart2020

Balancing work, college, and social life, it’s not rocket science, we all, in a technical sense, know how to do it, even have the ...

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Good Start

October, 9 1:49 PM

Caoimhe, Good Start Ambassador and Music Masters student

Getting Down to Work #GoodStart2020

What now? This week's theme encourages you to continue (or to start) taking your studies seriously.

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