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Established in 2014,  early-alert profiling work was developed as a way to identify and proactively support "at risk" first year students.  While acknowledging that student success and progression is a complex matrix of responsibility between students, academic and support staff, a series of survey profiles were created to identify "at risk" students through certain  "trigger points" identified from research.

Originally in paper format, we’ve now moved to an online form which the students can access via a link on their phones and/or laptops in class. The information the students provide will be instantaneous. Class Coordinators and Heads of Departments  in conjunction with AnSEO's Academic Success Coaches will be able to identify at risk students immediately and view overall trends as the semester progresses.

Surveys are available for weeks 2/3, weeks6/7 and weeks 9/10 and are designed to help students develop the capacity to monitor their  progress in terms of integration into college life and self-directed learning. 


If you would like to discuss our profiling work or conduct profiling with your first year group, please contact Róisín O'Grady at roisin.ogrady@mtu.ie (extn 5395).


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