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Who we are

We are experienced, friendly and approachable professionals with combined qualifications and backgrounds in psychology, counselling, coaching and career guidance. We have years of experience working with students and understand the opportunities and challenges you may encounter.

Meet your Coaches in the video below:

To book a coaching session with Louise, Joe or Marian please click here.


Open to all students in MTU, Academic Success Coaching aims to support your successful progression towards your degree.


Academic Success Coaching partners with you to:

  • build on your experiences of learning to reach your potential.
  • develop strategies and skills to improve your academic performance.
  • identify your academic goals and challenges.

Our sessions with students often involve:

  • Self-awareness facilitating conversations so you can identify your goals, motivation, strengths and purpose
  • Time-management techniques - how to balance study with other responsibilities such as work, sporting commitments etc.
  • Study strategies and skills - how to study effectively and take useful notes
  • Exploring organisational skills
  • Identifying and linking you to other useful MTU resources and/or supports

Coaching is free and open to all students… so it is for you! You can book a session here. 

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential’  (ICF, 2012).

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council defines coaching (and mentoring) as ‘activities within the area of professional and personal development…to help clients…see and test alternative ways for improvement of competence, decision making and enhancement of quality of life…with the purpose of serving the clients to improve their performance or enhance their personal development or both…’  (EMCC, 2011).

What students say about coaching:

‘I learned more about how I ticked and how to best approach my studying, as a result, with the help of worksheets and talking to my coach. I booked a few sessions before the exams and I felt more secure in myself with my approach to studying.’

Student Coachee


'I felt really listed to. Before going into the session I was feeling a little overwhelmed and had a number of concerns. Each concern was addressed and a plan of action was created to help me achieve the best I can. I felt much calmer, focused, and motivated which will help me be a better student.'

Student Coachee


'The coach was prepared, it was structured and focused conversation and very practical. I felt like it was a really effective and positive use of my time.'

Student Coachee


‘I felt like the coaching sessions were a space whereby I could really open up and discuss what I think was causing me stress. I didn't feel rushed or forced into how to solve it…instead I was able to come to my own conclusion with the help of my coach who was really easy to talk to. I think everybody should definitely book a session, because there is always room for improvement when it comes to academia and studying. Be it you find it difficult to study and can't concentrate or you study too much and get stressed easily, the coaching sessions are essential to find your feet.’

Student Coachee


‘I went into the coaching session ready to leave my course as it was all getting on top of me. It was at a daunting stage of the semester. The coach highlighted to me how far that I came and gave me great techniques to help me - such as the "Best Possible Self" exercise.’

Student Coachee

What staff say about coaching:

“Our students are new to third level structure and environment - we often underestimate how lost they are and with the best intention in the world one individual cannot reach all of the students all of the time and this is where the support form AnSEO in profiling and conducting group coaching with our students proves very valuable. Our students hear a new voice, an external voice, they respond because they are asked, being asked empowers the students and gives them the freedom to open up. Through the personal and heart-felt examples the coach gives, the students feel at ease, safe in a trusting environment. The coaching and goal setting in conjunction with the profiling shows the students that they are the drivers in charge of their own journey to success. The right balance of support and challenge offered by the profiling and coaching in tandem helps create the self-motivated, flexible, resourceful learner of the future. Our students visibly shifted after the parallel profiling and goal setting.”

Eileen O'Leary, Lecturer in Chemistry, Department of Physical Sciences.


'CIT’s academic success coach recently visited all 5 first year Bachelor of Business classes and offered an informal session which was timely and inclusive as it highlighted to the students, that it's normal to be finding the adjustment to college challenging and perhaps uncomfortable (as they step outside their second level comfort zone). I believe the goal setting exercise was motivating for students and presented in a way that students could have confidence that they would achieve their goal. Any doubts were addressed by the chance to book at 1-2-1 Academic Success Coaching session.'

Sinead Huskisson, Lecturer Department of Management & Enterprise.


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