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Q: What’s the difference between academic coaching & grinds?

A: Generally, students seek grinds for help with a specific subject if they find the material is particularly challenging or if they’d like to perform better. However, an academic coach helps a student with their overall approach to their academic work and the learning process. The student doesn’t receive help with one particular subject but guidance on how to approach their college work with various tools so that they can be successful and tackle challenges when they arise.

Q: Who goes for academic coaching?

A: Students don’t have to be dissatisfied with their grades to seek out coaching. We see many students who are looking to increase their grades to a 1H or who are looking to make small improvements to their study or exam techniques to bring up their average grade.

Q: Why should I meet a coach?

A: Research has found that many students prematurely withdraw from their college course from a lack of skills or strategies to manage third level college work. Once you understand how to utilize effective organisation and study strategies, classes and assignments can become more manageable and less stressful. You will become more motivated and confident, and can start to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Q. How long will my relationship with the Coach last?

A:  Your relationship your Success Coach is based on your preferences. We have both short- and long-term options based on your needs.

Q: How is success coaching different from therapy or counselling?

A:  Success coaching focuses on people who are:

  • Eager to perform better in college
  • Seeking focus, strategy, and motivation
  • Learning new skills for college
  • Wanting to be more organised with their work

Therapy and counselling focuses more on people who are

  • Seeking self-understanding
  • Concerned about their mental wellbeing
  • Dealing with past issues, emotional pain or traumas
  • Having emotional challenges that are negatively impacting on their lives.

Q: Can I trial a session to see how I feel about it?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can book your first session here.

Q: Is coaching guaranteed to give me the grades I want?

A: One of the most important factors for successful coaching is a student's willingness to make changes in the way he or she does things. To have the best results from a coaching experience a student must be willing to critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses and to change methods of accomplishing tasks. The role of the coach in this process is to help monitor the student's progress toward changing behaviours and offer feedback.



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