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Each year we have a different Good Start Ambassador team. Below are the Good Start Ambassadors who welcomed our new first year students in Septemebr 2017...

Good Start Ambassadors 2017

Name: Michael Walsh

Course: Business Studies

Advice: College is a place where you can make loads of new friends. Going to class events and joining societies is a great way to do this.

Name: Dami Fagbamila

Course: Social Care

Advice: Be open to new experiences and get involved in clubs, societies and events that go on around college.


Name: Patrick (Paddy) O'Driscoll

Course: Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance

Advice: There’s plenty of support available to all students, you just need to avail of it.


Name: Maija Kiste

Course: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Advice: Don't be afraid to ask for help, first year is tough so take small steps at a time.


Name: Edison Varghese rajan

Course: Marketing

Advice: Be prepared when coming to college. Lack of preparation and organisation can make college life very difficult.


Name: Kathrine Murphy

Course: Culinary Arts

Advice: Welcome to CIT. My name is Katherine Murphy. What you get out of college is what you put in. It takes hard work but be sure to enjoy it along the way. Join new societies and clubs, try new things and simply just do your best!


Name: Robert Agbonghae

Course: Business Studies

Advice: 1) Be focused  2) Know why and what you are here for  3) Never give up on yourself or your dreams.


 Name: Chloe Keane

Course: Fine Art

Advice: College is a big adjustment. It can take time to adapt to a new environment and to make new friends. Be patient with yourself, don't worry, and give it time!


Name: Sean Nash

Course: Accounting

Advice: Start working immediately, don’t leave everything until study week.


Name: Chinazor Ezike

Course: Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Advice: Take every opportunity provided to you in college.


Name: John (Johnny) White

Course: Social care

Advice: Make sure to attend your orientation day. If you get lost don’t be afraid to ask for help. Joining clubs and societies is a great way to make friends.


Name: Eve Russell

Course: Contemporary Applied Arts

Advice: Help is there when you ask for it, so ask as often as you can.


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