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���� #GoodStart2020 is here! Good Start helps our new first year students feel supported, informed and that they belong. Over the next few days we will be introducing ourselves, this year's @CIT_ie Good Start Ambassador team, so tune in to get to know us a little better! This year the Good Start campaign will look a little different and will be more online than ever before, but, our aim remains the same: to create a sense of belonging and connection among new students and let them know of the supports and services available in CIT. Do you know anyone who is about to start studying in CIT this coming academic year? Encourage them to like and follow our page, lots of great information, tips, tricks, competitions and online events coming soon! #CIT #myCIT #student #newstudent #Cork #firstyear #college #thirdlevel #studying #learning #mtu

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Below the Good Start Ambassadors for 2020/21 share some advice for new first year students:


Get to know your college classmates straight away because they will make the college experience the best it can be. Knowing your classmates will help you to settle into college life a lot easier.

Suzanne studies Creative Digital Media


That its ok if you take longer than others to make friends or find your feet.

Mandy studies Theatre and Drama Studies



Relax. It will all work out believe it or not! Work hard, be friendly and be positive! You never know what each day will bring. Every student that walks through C.I.T's doors deserves to be here and has earned their place. Be proud of yourself!

Ava studies Fine Art

Try as many things are you can, not only will it help you gain experience and valuable memories, it will also introduce you to new people with similar interests. Things like societies, workshops and class outings are great ways to make friends and become familiar with the campus and Cork city.

Iris studies Fine Art

Just to be yourself. There are so many different people from different walks of life that you will find someone you click with. Everyone is nervous when they first come in, so everyone tends to be friendly. It is a learning process for everyone so don’t be worrying about it.

Amy studies Biomedical Engineering

To get the most out of your time in CIT, try your best with everything you do. Show up every day with a goal to learn and try something new- Ask questions, make friends with your class and take small steps towards a successful time in CIT. It'll be a new way of teaching and learning so don't be afraid to jump right in! 

Ellen studies Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology

Try to find the balance between work and socializing this year. Create a routine that you can stick to, try not to let the work pile up and use the resources available. We were all new to the college at some point, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need help! 

Ariaan studies Biological Sciences 

There are so many resources to help you get settled into CIT, don't be afraid to engage with them! Ask for help if you need it, we were all in first year once.

Avril studies Photography with New Media


Try new things. From the vast amount of societies and clubs in the college it is an easy way to meet new people and further familiarize themselves with the campus itself. Don’t stress about exams, their time in C.I.T. will fly and should embrace the journey of the next 4 years.
The staff are here to help. Although a repeat exam might feel like the end of the world everyone here wants to help all the students shape their future and the students just need to trust the process. 

Barry studies Accounting  

Never be afraid to ask for help, whether it is with modules, projects, directions or if you have something that is bothering you. 
Be open-minded
Join a society
Use the Academic Learning Centre, especially for Maths
Engage with lecturers, classmates, coordinators. 
Get into a routine 
Learn your timetable
Try and be organised

Bridie studies Agriculture

Get organised it’s such a simple thing that it’s almost dismissed yet in my opinion it’s vital for incoming first years. For example having a picture of the map of C.I.T. and a picture of your timetable on their phone, putting money on your student card as you never know when you will need it, leaving for college early as trying to predict the traffic is like trying to predict the weather! And staying on top of the notes from the start. Being organised allows the new student to be more at ease at C.I.T. and for them to have more time to make new friends and enjoy your new course.

Cathy studies Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Just because everyone else seems like they are having the best time in college doesn’t mean they are. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to “fit in”. Sometimes it takes time for people to find themselves in college because it’s a big transition.

Cillian studies Business

I would suggest to avail of as many of the services and opportunities offered by CIT as possible. You only have a short time in college so make the most of it and get involved! Everything you do with this time is to benefit no one else but you. Immerse yourself in your coursework, make an effort to get to know new people and think about what you want to achieve as a student that will enhance your life in the future. All the while, stay safe and stay healthy!

Clara studies Marketing

For the incoming first years I would advise them to stick at college and not be too hard on themselves as I know from experience they will feel a huge mix of emotions and it will be scary but those emotions and thoughts will pass and they will look back and think “what was all the worry for” . I would advise them to join new societies and not to be shy going forward. Societies will be a great way to make friends and meet people who share the same interest as them. I would advise them to be present everyday especially when starting off as this will give them a chance to make lots of new friends and really get a good feel for the place and understand what college life all is about. I would advise them to be proud of who they are and to understand that they are in CIT to learn so many new things about them as individuals. I would advise them that they are there to grow as humans and make connections that will last a lifetime. I would advise them that organisation is key and supports will always be there for them if they ever feel like they are struggling. Lastly, I would advise them to be the best version of themselves.

Emma studies Business

My time in first year was great. I joined multiple societies and clubs which helped me communicate and engage with make new friends inside the campus. I would recommend incoming first years to visit the societies and clubs stall held in the nexus building during the academic year and sign up for them according to their interests and hobbies. Past exam – papers and lecture notes can also be accessed using Canvas which could be great help to students.

Harshal studies Mechanical Engineering

We’re all in this together! Social distancing and hygiene measures are not there to prevent you living your best college life, but to protect your life and others. Take your time to make new friends. It is good to grow in the friends you have already, but it is also good to have friends that you can relate to in terms of coursework or college in general.

Justine studies Biomedical Engineering

Break it all down. My course is very assignment based so I remember when it came to submission time around Christmas in first year, I had trouble dealing with the 8 assignments I had due. But once I began to break it all down in to manageable bits, break down each task and released that each deadline was actually more spread out than I first thought, I was able to calm down and actually do all my work really efficiently.

Kevin studies Creative Digital Media

Everything that is coming your way in your 1st year is going to be fresh, new and exciting but with all these positive things can come stress. It is super important to look after yourself and take time when you need to, to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to learn as much as possible at this amazing university.
Don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends. We are going through crazy times with COVID-19 but we are nothing if not tenacious in finding new ways to continue to educate, support and inspire you through your first year. It will be both exciting and daunting to see what this new academic year holds for everyone, but always remember, everyone around you is here to help you grow and to achieve what you set out to achieve by attending CIT.
Lastly, HAVE FUN. These are really formative years for you, and your peers, and you want it to be a time you will remember fondly. Not only because of the amazing training and education you will be receiving, but also the friends you will make and memories that will be with you forever.

Josh studies Musical Theatre

Try and make at least one friend from their class group because it can be very lonely with no one to sit next to or having no one to talk about class and assignments with. Stay on top of study and assignments, I didn’t do this a lot before college as I didn’t see the point as I wasn’t going to use most of the stuff I was learning but considering this is what you want to do as a career it is important to know it as best you can and achieve good results so you can get good grades and a good job once you get your degree. Finally, keep the balance of college work and social at almost 60:40, yes its super important to study and focus but these are our last years before we are working full time so it is important to enjoy the social aspect too.

Ryan studies Marketing



Try to keep on top of college work as best as you can, because the first semester is pretty intense between meeting new people and learning the ropes. Have fun with it.

Kate studies Fine Art


Get involved! While it is of course important to keep up to date with your college work and attend classes and such, it is also vital to throw yourself out there and include yourself in any student events that the college is offering you. Obviously, "getting involved" might look a little different for this year's first years, what with the current situation we find ourselves in, but there will still be plenty of opportunity to try out new things and assert yourself, whether it be online, or socially distanced, there will still be so much scope to get involved!  Being a fresher is awesome, everything is so new and so different, and I really think you should make the absolute most of this time, as you only get one year of it! Embrace these new beginnings, make new friends, be the person you felt you couldn’t be in secondary school, or, if you are someone who isn’t coming straight from second level education, perhaps a mature student, embrace being a student once again!

Ellie studies Theatre and Drama Studies

College is amazing opportunity to grow, have new experiences and make great memories. My advice is to push yourself out of your comfort zone, talk to everyone and just enjoy the excitement of first year and finding your feet. It's been a weird few months but September will bring a fresh start for everyone. Let's connect, grow, and move forward together ��

Julianne studies Popular Music Voice

In such a period of uncertainty my advice is to still look forward to going to college! Before the pandemic, college was the main focus of many incoming first years but in the current climate, it’s understandable that students may feel uncertainty when they look to the future. Therefore I think it’s important to still look forward to such a life changing milestone.

Aoife studies Marine Electrotechnology

Personally, I would advise first years when coming into CIT to stay on top of their course work and keep a level head. We live in uncertain times at the moment, and it’s very easy to be thrown off course due to the ongoing conditions around the world. Working alongside my friends and staying connected helped me greatly not just during the COVID-19 situation but even in my first semester as well, establishing a good sense of community amongst ourselves.

Scott studies Visual Communications

s Music



Let's get social