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BUilding your exam strategy

With in-person, closed-book exams coming up soon, you may find it helpful to take a few minutes to work through our resources on building your exam strategy. In this video and accompanying materials, we focus on the steps you can take to get prepared so that you can sit your exams with confidence. We'll also show you where to find and how to make the best use of past exam papers to ensure that you will know what to expect on the day of your exam.

As you watch the video, you may wish to refer to past exam papers, to the PowerPoint slides, to the sample exam and to the exam plan template.


It's not all about exams! You may also have assignments or other assessments coming up. Want some advice on getting ready for these assessments? Take a look at this infographic, prepared by a team of students, where they share their experiences, hints and tips on all things assessment.


Good luck in your upcoming exams and assessments!


Learning at university

How you studied in the past or at school might not be working as well for you now that you are at MTU. Learning is a life-long process and we develop new strategies and habits along the way that help us to develop our learning skills.

Why not have a look at our blog post about how learning is college is different from learning in school?

Getting Started with Groupwork

If you have a team project to complete, you might find this video on getting started with groupwork useful. The video poses questions in three key areas: the purpose of groupwork, what groupwork can entail and how we can go about completing group tasks effectively. You will be invited to brainstorm ideas in these areas and to think critically about effective ways to work in teams.

It’s recommended that that you watch this video and complete the short tasks in your project team, but you can also complete it individually if you would like to refine your thinking about groupwork.

If you would like to think further about the content of this video or discuss it with the members of your group, you can access and download the slides referred to here.


We would really appreciate your feedback on this video. Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts by completing this very short form.



If you are currently working on assessments, you might be interested in our workshop on managing assessment tasks. A recorded summary of the workshop can be seen below.

If you would like to complete the tasks discussed in the workshop, you are welcome to download a copy of the slides, the sample assessment tasks, the deadline timeline, and the study timetable.



In the video below, we discuss some strategies for effective study during remote learning. 

Resources referred to in the video include this time tracker and this priority matrix

In the accompanying slides, you can find links to the Academic Learning Centre and to our sister programme, Academic Success Coaching.


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