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What to expect at THE ALC 

Expect to find a casual, friendly and relaxed atmosphere where students are quietly working on their own problems with a lecturer interacting to help students out on an individual basis.

Getting started

Whether you are a fresh faced first year student, a mature student or a repeat student, there is no time like the present to make a start on your learning. The pass rates of students attending ALC sessions is high; over 89% across all the subject areas, so it is well worth attending at least one hour a week - see timetable. All sessions are free of charge. Prior booking is not necessary, so just drop in!

You'll find information on specific subjects here.

Subject lecturers are present in D259A, D259B and B231 during the timetabled hours to discuss students’ varied queries on the subject topic and to answer students' questions.


  • Success Rates - ALC

    84% of students who seek academic support early & regularly at the Academic Learning centre will pass their modules first time!

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