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Make the most of remote learning!

At this time when so much is changing we are delighted to let you know that the Academic Learning Centre is still here to help you overcome challenges or problems that you might face in your learning.

In the drop down menus below you will find details about how to contact the ALC lecturers and what extra resources they recommend.

If you have a more general question please don't hesitate to drop us a line here.

Maths & Stats

Have you heard about CIT Maths Online on Canvas?


During this period of remote learning we will be using the Maths Online module to offer Maths and Stats support to you and answer as many student questions as possible.


Please log on to Maths online to see the most up to date resources and to book a 1 - to - 1 video call. Find out how to add it to your Canvas dashboard by clicking here.


If you have any other question about our remote Maths and Stats supports email us at academiclearning@cit.ie using 'Maths' in the subject line.



Tom Bonner will be available to answer your physics questions throughout this remote learning period. To ask Tom a question just email us at academiclearning@cit.ie using 'Physics' in the subject.


David Hodge will be offering support to students online throughout this remote learning period. For more information about how to join the online Mechanics sessions or any other Mechanics or Thermofluids questions email us on academiclearning@cit.ie using 'Mechanics' in the title.


Our lecturer, Lorraine O'Rahilly, recommends the following resources to help you with your remote study.


Websites for Accounting at all levels:
Financial Accounting Resources; Ebooks
  •  Frank Wood & Alan Sangster 2005, Business Accounting 1, Tenth Ed., 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,19,24,25,26,27,28 and 29, Pearson Education Limited London [ISBN: ISBN: 0-273-68149-4]
  •  ACCT6014 Accounting & Cost Accounting
  •  J R Dyson 2001, Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, 5th Ed., Prentice Hall [ISBN: 0273646834]



Advanced Financial Accounting Resources




To ask any accounting questions please email us your questions on academiclearning@cit.ie with 'accounting' in the subject and Lorraine will get back to you.


Before searching for more resources online make sure to check what your lecturer has posted or recommended on Canvas.

If you would still like some more information have a look at the library's subject guide for economics . This displays books, e-resources, exam papers and additional support for economics and would be very useful for you.

Other good online resources include

If you have attempted a question or section of an exam paper and would like some feedback on it please email it to academiclearning@cit.ie with the subject 'Economics'.


Support on Canvas

Meabh O'Connor will host drop in support on Networking every Wednesday at 1 o'clock. This is hosted on the Canvas page of COMP6027 - Networking Fundamentals.


John O'Brien will host drop in support in Modular Programming on the Canvas page for the module. The times will be as follows:

  • Mondays 2 - 3 
  • Wednewsdays 10 - 11
  • Thursdays 11 - 12 and 4 - 5


Recommended Extra Resources

Our lecturer Urja Pawar recommends the follow resources to help you with your remote study.


Object-oriented programing:






Data structures:






Ask us a Question

To ask any computing question please email us at academiclearning@cit.ie with 'computing' in the subject.


Our Chemistry lecturer, Brendan O'Keefe, recommended the following as a source of lots of helpful Chemistry information https://chem.libretexts.org/

If you'd like to ask Brendan a chemistry question please feel free to email us on academiclearning@cit.ie with 'chemistry' in the subject.

Sessions in NMCI

As we are all online now students from NMCI can look at the relevant subjects above.


We are still looking into provision of EXCEL support online. Check back in a few days for more info.


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