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How to prepare:

  • You will need some coursework to work on. It also helps if you have the following for each ALC session so that you can make effective use of your time at the session.
  • Course notes from recent lectures.
  • A relevant text book or resources.
  • Questions: Write a few questions down for the lecturer to ensure that any specific questions you have will be clarified.
  • Assignments/Problems: Have you attempted any solutions to problems yourself? Bring along your attempted solutions so the lecturer will be able to see exactly where you are getting stuck.
  • Exam questions: Have you attempted any exam questions yourself? Again, bring along your attempted solutions.
  • Prepare; the more preparation that you can do yourself before the subject session, the more learning benefits you will gain.

Most importantly...bring yourself! if you don't know where to start, just drop in. You will have an opportunity to get some guidance to start your learning, introduce yourself to the service and have a chat with a subject lecturer. 



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