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ALC Semester 1 Mathematics and Statistics

Free learning support sessions running every week starting Week 1 Semester 1 as follows:

Just drop-in!

Monday, 1-2pm, D259A, Dr. Julie Crowley

Monday, 4-5pm, B231, Dr. Julie Crowley (Maths/Stats EXCEL and Numbas)

Monday, 5-6pm, C236, Dr. Julie Crowley

Tuesday, 1-2pm, D259A, Dr. Julie Crowley

Tuesday 4-6pm, C236, Dr. Julie Crowley  

Thursday, 10 am-12noon, D259A, Dr. Julie Crowley

Friday,11am-12noon, D259A, Dr. Catherine Palmer 

Friday, 12noon-1pm, D259A, Dr. Violetta Morari 


ALC Semester 1 Chemistry

Free learning support sessions - just drop-in!

Thursday 5-6pm, D259A, Ms Rosella O' Mahony

Friday, 1-2pm, D259B, Ms. Rosella O' Mahony


ALC Semester 1 Physics

Free learning support sessions - just drop-in!

Monday 6-7pm, D259A, Mr. Tom Bonner

Tuesday 1-2pm, D259B, Mr. Tom Bonner


ALC Semester 1 Mechanics

Free learning support sessions - just drop-in!

Monday 1-3pm, room  B219, Mr. David Hodge

Monday 5-7pm, NMCI, room 1.28, Mr. David Hodge

ALC Semester 1 Accounting

Free learning support sessions - just drop - in!

Wednesday, 12.30-1.30pm, D259A, Mr. Martin O'Sullivan

Wednesday, 1.30-2.30pm, D259A, Mr. Martin O'Sullivan 

ALC Semester 1 Programming

Free learning support sessions in Programming

Programming, Java, Monday, 1-2pm, B231, Mr. Jonathan Sherwin

Programming, Python, Tuesday, 11am to 1pm, B231, Ms. Samreen Umer

Programming, Python, Friday, 12.30-2.30pm, B231, Ms. Samreen Umer  

ALC Semester 1 Economics

Free learning support sessions Economics

Monday, Economics, 11am to 12noon, D259B, Ms. Niamh Lenihan

ALC Semester 1 Mathematics for NMCI

Just drop-in to Room 0.32/34 in NMCI!

Tuesday , Mathematics Support, 5-7pm, Room 0.32/34, Mr. David Hodge

ALC Semester 1 Linear Data Structures

ALC Semester 1 Linear Data Structures & Algorithms

Wednesday, Linear Data Structures, 5-6pm, Ms. Laura Climent

ALC Semester 1 information

 study smarter, not harder!

  • ALC  invites students to drop-in for academic learning support over thoughout Semester 1 where they will meet with lecturers who are present during the ALC timeslots to answer students’ varied queries and offer good guidance in preparation for upcoming assessments and Examinations
  • Students can check the timetable online and can drop-in without prior booking (see drop down menu above)
  •  All ALC support sessions are open to all CIT students free of charge
  • Students may attend as many subjects and sessions as they wish - in fact many students attend every session.
  • Lecturers are present during the scheduled ALC support times to answer students’ varied queries and to give good guidance in preparation for Continuous Assessments and Examinations.
  • Students may swipe in with their student cards at each ALC support session to register attendance, although there is no requirement to do so. 
  • Students are welcome to call to the ALC Coordinator, office D259 for advice and up-to-date ALC information. Contact: Email joy.collins@cit.ie
  • Any further queries contact the Academic Learning Centre office 


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